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San Mian Xiawa

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Wholehearted and Pre-order Cover
Independent Cover
Courageous Cover
Collectible CD+DVD Cover
Elva Hsiao
Sān Miàn Xiàwá (三面夏娃; 3-Faced Elva)
2008.06.13 (Wholehearted and Pre-order Versions)
2008.06.27 (Independent Version)
2008.07.12 (Courageous Version)
2008.07.25 (Collectible CD+DVD Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. I'll Be There
  2. Chōngdòng (衝動; Impulse)
  3. Liǎng Gèrén De Jìmò (兩個人的寂寞; Both Lonely)
  4. More More More (original: Bad Candy)
  5. Shíguāngsuìdào (時光隧道; Time Tunnel)
  6. Sù Pèi Chéngdù (速配程度; Match Degree)
  7. Zhīhòu (之後; Hereafter)
  8. Baby Girl
  9. Hey Girl
  10. Lèisì Àiqíng (類似愛情; Similar to Love)
  11. Zàntíng Liàn'ài (暫停戀愛; Pulses of Love)
  12. Nǐ Kànbùjiàn De Dìfāng (你看不見的地方; Places You Can't See)
DVD Tracklist
  1. I'll Be There (MV)
  2. Chōngdòng (MV)
  3. More More More (MV)
  4. Liǎng Gèrén De Jìmò (MV)


Sān Miàn Xiàwá is the ninth album released by Elva Hsiao and her first after returning to Virgin Records. The album was released in multiple versions. The pre-order version included three of Elva's previously released albums, while the wholehearted, independent and courageous versions each had a different photobook included.

G-Music Charts

Elva Hsiao promoting the album
Week Rank Sales (%)
2 8.13
4 2.56
4 2.44
11 0.84
13 0.92
12 0.64
3 5.88
12 0.95
19 0.67

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