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Seagull to Hell

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Album Cover
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her
Seagull to Hell
Catalog Number
  1. Losey Is My Dog
  2. A Prince Happy
  3. Davy Baby
  4. Seagull's Theme
  5. Thurston & Kim & Me
  6. Mon Amour (4-Track Demo)


Seagull to Hell is the debut mini-album released by Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her. This is the band's only release to feature its original line-up with Ito Sachiko. Five of Higurashi Aiha's friends are also listed for helping during recording. The first three tracks were originally recorded and released by the band in 1992, and the rest of the songs were written by Higurashi during her stay in New York. Track #5, "Thurston & Kim & Me" is a reference to Higurashi and her friends from Sonic Youth, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore. This was released on the indie label Trumpet Trumpet Records, and did not chart on the weekly Oricon chart.