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Shin Domoto Kyoudai

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Shin Domoto Kyoudai logo (May 2011)

Shin Domoto Kyoudai (新堂本兄弟; New Domoto Brothers) is a Japanese television show hosted by the Johnny & Associates duo KinKi Kids. It premiered on April 8, 2001 and airs on Fuji TV every Sunday from 23:15 to 23:45. The program was formerly called Domoto Kyoudai (堂本兄弟; Domoto Brothers) until September 26, 2004. Its predecessor is LOVE LOVE Aishiteru.


In December 2000, the KinKi Kids (Domoto Tsuyoshi and Domoto Koichi) formed the alias group "Domoto Kyoudai" (堂本兄弟; Domoto Brothers) with the fictional back story that they were half-brothers from the same father. (Although they share the same surname, they are not blood related in reality.) Domoto Tsuyoshi used the name "Domoto Susumu" (堂本進), while Domoto Koichi used "Domoto Ayumu" (堂本歩). The duo debuted the show Domoto Kyoudai on Fuji TV on April 8, 2001, and it aired on Sundays from 22:00 to 22:30. KinKi Kids have since dropped the aliases.

On October 17, 2004, the program was renewed as Shin Domoto Kyoudai (新堂本兄弟; New Domoto Brothers) and moved to the 23:15 to 23:45 timeslot.


The show is filmed in a studio with a live audience. Each regular episode features a guest or a group of guest celebrities.

Current Regular Segments

"Uso Hon Domoto!" with Tokunaga Hideaki (2011.05.08)
"Shin! Best Hit Takamiy" with Tanimura Shinji (2011.05.15)
  • "Uso Hon Domoto!" (ウソホン堂本!; True or False Domoto!)
Domoto Koichi reads a statement about the guest and the members of the DOMOTO BROS. BAND must guess whether it is true or false. After revealing the answer, the guest explains the circumstances of the statement.
  • "Shin! Best Hit Takamiy" (新!ベストヒットたかみー; New! Best Hit Takamiy)
Takamizawa Toshihiko introduces a song and discusses it with the cast. Afterwards, it is performed by the DOMOTO BROS. BAND, usually with the guest on main vocals.

Former Regular Segments

Note: This section is incomplete.
  • "Domoto Ichimonittou" (堂本一問一答; Domoto One Question, One Answer)
The lights are dimmed and guest sits in front of the hosts answering various questions about themselves by the narrator, Kobayashi Toshio. The last question is sometimes an action request, such as showing the camera their "cool face". After all the questions have been asked, Domoto Koichi restates some of the more interesting answers and has the guest elaborate.
  • "Domoto Best Hit Takamiy" (堂本ベストヒットたかみー)
This segment is hosted by Takamizawa Toshihiko. In case of his absence, another member takes over; it has been called "Domoto Best Hit Kyoko" (堂本ベストヒットきょうこ) with Fukada Kyoko and "Domoto Best Hit Enari" (堂本ベストヒットえなり) with Enari Kazuki.
Each segment has a topic that usually refers to the guest, such as "2002 debuts", "snow songs", or even the guest themself. A chart is displayed, composed of different songs or artists that fit the theme. VTRs of the items are also sometimes shown, which are narrated by Yanagisawa Mayumi. Takamizawa and the cast discuss the items, and afterwards, the DOMOTO BROS. BAND performs a song from one of those items, usually with the guest on main vocals.


Along with the KinKi Kids (Domoto Tsuyoshi and Domoto Koichi), there are a series of other musicians that are also regulars in the talk segment and/or play in the DOMOTO BROS. BAND. Members in bold are current talk regulars.

Current Members

Current regulars with Hisamoto Masami (2011.08.07)

Joined April 2003:

Joined April 2006:

Joined May 2011:

Joined July 2011:

Former Members

Domoto Kyoudai era:

Shin Domoto Kyoudai era:

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