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Shiroi Hana (ZONE)

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CD Art
Shiroi Hana (白い花)
Catalog Number
SRCL-5511~2 (CD+DVD)
SRCL-5513 (CD Only)
¥1,200 (CD+DVD)
¥1,050 (CD Only)
CD Tracklist
  1. Shiroi Hana (白い花)
  2. Kuusou to Genjitsu no Yoake (空想と現実の夜明け)
  3. Shiroi Hana (backing track)
  4. Kuusou to Genjitsu no Yoake (backing track)
DVD "2nd Album "O" no Zenkyoku Digest + Members Gakkyoku Kaisetsu" Tracklist
  1. Opening Comment <ZONE Members Zenin> (オープニングコメント <ZONEメンバー全員>)
  2. Salary Man Kaisetsu Comment <TAKAYO, MAIKO> (さらりーまん 解説コメント)
  3. Salary Man (さらりーまん)
  4. Yume no Kakera... (Album Version) Kaisetsu Comment <MIZUHO> (夢ノカケラ・・・ (Album Version))
  5. Yume no Kakera... (Album Version) (夢ノカケラ・・・ (Album Version))
  6. confidentially Kaisetsu Comment <MIYU>
  7. confidentially
  8. For Tomorrow Kaisetsu Comment <TAKAYO>
  9. For Tomorrow
  10. Sae Zuri
  11. Sae Zuri Kaisetsu Comment <MAIKO>
  12. Ashiato Kaisetsu Comment <MIZUHO, MIYU> (足跡)
  13. Ashiato (足跡)
  14. +.-.×.÷ Kaisetsu Comment <TAKAYO>
  15. +.-.×.÷
  16. Hitoshizuku (一雫)
  17. Hitoshizuku Kaisetsu Comment <MAIKO> (一雫)
  18. GO! Kaisetsu Comment <MIZUHO>
  19. GO!
  20. Akashi Kaisetsu Comment <MIYU> (証)
  21. Akashi (証)
  22. Akashi Kaisetsu Comment <MIYU> (証)
  23. Ending Comment <ZONE Members Zenin> (エンディングコメント <ZONEメンバー全員>)


"Shiroi Hana" is the eighth single released by ZONE. The single was released in two versions, a limited version and regular version. The limited edition comes with an extra disc that has commontary on it by the girls about their tracks. The single reached #3 on the Oricon charts and stayed on the charts for a total of thirteen weeks. In all the single has sold a total of 77,000 copies. The single was released on the same day as ZONE's second album "O".

Song Information

Machida Norihiko
Machida Norihiko
Other Information
Arrangement: Otsubo Naoki

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