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Snow Prince Gasshoudan

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Snow Prince Gasshoudan (スノープリンス合唱団; Snow Prince Chorus) was a Johnny's Jr. group formed in 2009. This group is also refered as Morimoto Shintaro with Snow Prince Gasshoudan.


Some Times added to the group


The group was created after the movie Morimoto Shintaro is starring, Snow Prince Kinjirareta Koi no Melody (スノープリンス 禁じられた恋のメロディ; Snow Prince Melody of Forbidden Love). On December 2, 2009 they released a single, "Snow Prince", to promote this movie. In 2010 this group started to be called Morimoto Shintaro w/ Snow Prince Gasshoudan.

This group was ony meant to be temporary. So after about a year of activity as a Johnny's Jr. group, performing in Shounen Club and stage plays, Morimoto Shintaro was put as a Jr. without being in any group and most of the rest of the members became part of Ja(PA)Nese(HI)!. And thus Snow Prince Gasshoudan faded away.