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Deluxe Ed. Box / Regular Cover
Deluxe Ed. CD Cover
International Ed. Cover
2010.07.01 (Deluxe Edition)
2010.07.09 (Regular Edition)
2010.08.25 (International Edition)
Regular/Deluxe Edition Tracklist
  1. SOLAR (Intro)
  2. Superstar
  3. I need a girl (feat. G-Dragon)
  4. Just a feeling
  5. You're my
  6. Move (Feat. Teddy)
  7. Break down
  8. Niga Jamdeun Hue (feat. Swings) (니가 잠든 후에; After You Fall Asleep)
  9. Where u at
  10. Weddding dress
  11. Gido (feat. Teddy) (기도; Prayer) (Deluxe Ed. Only)
  12. Naman Barabwa (나만 바라봐; Only Look At Me) (Deluxe Ed. Only)
  13. Take it slow
International Edition CD Tracklist
  1. SOLAR (Intro)
  2. Superstar
  3. Gido (feat. TEDDY) (기도; Prayer)
  5. Wedding Dress (English Ver.)
  7. Move (Feat. TEDDY)
  8. Where u at
  9. I need a girl (feat. G-Dragon)
  10. Naman Barabwa (나만 바라봐; Only Look At Me)
  11. Take it slow
  12. I'll Be There (Korean Version)
International Edition DVD Tracklist
  1. Gido (feat. Teddy) MV (기도; Prayer)
  2. Naman Barabwa MV (나만 바라봐; Only Look At Me)
  3. Where u at MV
  4. Wedding Dress MV
  5. I need a girl (feat. G-Dragon) MV
  6. I'll Be There (Korean Ver.) MV
  7. I'll Be There (English Ver.) MV
  8. MV Making Film 1
  9. MV Making Film 2


SOLAR is Taeyang first full album. It was released in two editions, a 13-tracks deluxe edition (limited to 30,000 copies) including two songs from his first mini album HOT, "Gido" and "Naman Barabwa", and a regular edition (released one week later than the deluxe) which doesn't include the two bonus songs. Apart from the two bonus tracks, the deluxe edition will also include a 68-page photobook, a T-shirt designed by Taeyang himself, one signed photograph of Taeyang randomly selected out of four different kinds, and a YG Family card. The regular edition includes a 28-page photobook and a YG Family card.

From June 18 to June 24, each day, two new tracks were announced except on June 22, that it were announced four songs, all of them already released on his first mini-album or as digital singles. From June 25, 1 minute of a was also released each day as a teaser until June 30, only one day before the official release of the album.

Because of the critically positive reception for SOLAR on international charts (i.e. 1st on iTunes R&B album charts in Canada, and 3rd in the U.S.), YG Entertainment decided to release an international version of SOLAR, which is slated for an August 25th release date. The International Edition did not include all of the songs from the initial release. Instead, new songs replaced some of the tracks: two new English songs "I'LL BE THERE" and "CONNECTION (feat. BIG TONE)", an English version of "Wedding Dress", and a Korean Version of "I'LL BE THERE". The International Edition also came with a DVD that included all of Taeyang's music videos to date (excluding solos with BIGBANG and other versions of the music videos) and two making-of films.

Both "I'LL BE THERE" songs (English and Korean versions), were released digitally on August 19, as a teaser for the album.

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