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Sora no Tobikata

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Album Cover
Sora no Tobikata (空の飛び方)
1997.03.03 (LP)
2002.10.16 (Remastered Re-release)
2008.12.17 (SHM-CD Re-release)
Catalog Number
POJH-1005 (LP)
UPCH-1186 (Remastered Re-release)
UPCH-1676 (SHM-CD Re-release)
¥3,059 (LP)
¥2,500 (Remastered Re-release)
¥2,700 (SHM-CD Re-release)
CD Tracklist
  1. Tamago (たまご)
  2. Spider (スパイダー)
  3. Sora mo Toberu Hazu (Album ver.) (空も飛べるはず)
  4. Maigo no Heitai (迷子の兵隊)
  5. Koi wa Yuugure (恋は夕暮れ)
  6. Fujimi no Venus (不死身のビーナス)
  7. Raspberry (ラズベリー)
  8. Hechima no Hana (ヘチマの花)
  9. Baby Face (Album ver.) (ベビーフェイス)
  10. Aoi Kuruma (Album ver.) (青い車)
  11. Sunshine (サンシャイン)
LP Tracklist
  • Side A
  1. Sunshine (サンシャイン)
  2. Tamago (たまご)
  3. Spider (スパイダー)
  4. Fujimi no Venus (不死身のビーナス)
  5. Hechima no Hana (ヘチマの花)
  6. Sora mo Toberu Hazu (Album ver.) (空も飛べるはず)
  • Side B
  1. Koi wa Yuugure (恋は夕暮れ)
  2. Raspberry (ラズベリー)
  3. Maigo no Heitai (迷子の兵隊)
  4. Baby Face (Album ver.) (ベビーフェイス)
  5. Aoi Kuruma (Album ver.) (青い車)


Sora no Tobikata is the fifth album released by Spitz. The album features the same cover art for all the versions, original, LP and re-released editions, except for the catalog code printed on the album's logo. The album reached #4 on Oricon weekly charts, and charted for 58 weeks. In 1996 it become the #46 album of the year.

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