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Stony Skunk

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Stony Skunk (스토니 스컹크) was a Korean reggae/hip-hop duo under YG Entertainment. Stony Skunk is predominantly underground despite being under a major record label. They are considered as the first reggae duo in Korea. Though they usually perform in "underground" venues, they also appear in commercial musical festivals and stages like yearly YG Family Concerts.



Skull had been performing for several years as a solo artist before being joined by S-kush to form a duo. They released their first album 1st Best seller, a hiphop & reggae album. The duo reportedly seeked producer Yang Hyun Suk's (who is also the CEO of YG Entertainment) assistance for their second album. He was said to be very impressed with the duo and offered them a contract under YG. The result was a purely reggae album and it received reasonable commercial success.



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