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Super Girl (TV)

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Logo of Super Girl

Super Girl (快乐女声) formerly known as Super Voice Girls (超级女声) is a popular televised Chinese girl singing competition hosted HBS and EE-Media. Contestants go through massive regional and national rounds of singing knockout competition in front of a group of judges and audiencs. The male version is known as Super Boy.

National Finials

Season 1: 2004

  1. Angela An (安又琪)
  2. Katy Wang (王媞)
  3. Baby Zhang (张含韵)
  4. Strings
  5. Jenne Sun (孙一卜)

Season 2: 2005

  1. Chris Lee (李宇春)
  2. Bibi Zhou (周笔畅)
  3. Jane Zhang (张靓颖)
  4. Angelica He (何洁)
  5. Ji Minjia (纪敏佳)
  6. Huang Yali (黄雅莉)
  7. Ye Yiqian (叶一茜)
  8. Bobo Yii (易慧)
  9. Amanda Zhao (赵静怡)
  10. Yoyo Zhu (朱妍)

Season 3: 2006

  1. Laure Shang (尚雯婕)
  2. Sitar Tan (谭维维)
  3. Jeno Liu (刘力扬)
  4. Amoa Ai (艾梦萌)
  5. Li Na (厉娜)
  6. Xu Fei (许飞)
  7. Figo Han (韩真真)
  8. Reborn
  9. Tang Xiao (唐笑)
  10. Shinelee Yang (阳蕾)

Season 4: 2009

  1. Vivi Jiang (江映蓉)
  2. Michelle Li (李霄云)
  3. Huang Ying (黄英)
  4. Yisa Yu (郁可唯)
  5. Sara Liu (刘惜君)
  6. Renata Tan (谈莉娜)
  7. Pan Chen (潘辰)
  8. Yoyo Pan (潘虹樾)
  9. Yico Zeng (曾轶可)
  10. Mocika Li (李媛希)

Season 5: 2011

  1. Jeremy Duan (段林希)
  2. Cindy Hong (洪辰)
  3. Moraynia Liu (刘忻)
  4. Su Miaoling (苏妙玲)
  5. Yang Yang (杨洋)
  6. Danny Lisi (李斯丹妮)
  7. Wang Yijie (王艺洁)
  8. Mini Fu (付梦妮)
  9. Kelly Yu (喻佳丽)
  10. Change Lu (陆翊)
  11. DL
  12. Kim Jin (金银玲)

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