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Sweet & Bitter (AKB48)

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"GIVE ME FIVE!" Regular Edition Type-A Cover
Sweet & Bitter (スイート&ビター)
Akimoto Yasushi
Shibata Hisashi
Other Information
Arrangement: Muto Seiji

"Sweet & Bitter" is a song recorded by AKB48, sung by Selection 6. It was used as a commercial theme song for Seven & i's "Valentine Fair". It appears on the single "GIVE ME FIVE!" as track #2.

Selected Members

Artist: Selection 6 (セレクション6)


There are currently two versions of "Sweet & Bitter" to be found in AKB48's discography. These versions are:

Sweet & Bitter (Original)
Found on the "GIVE ME FIVE!" single as track #2.
Sweet & Bitter (off vocal ver.)
Found on the "GIVE ME FIVE!" single as track #5. This is the standard version without the main vocals.

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