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TRUE (singer)

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TRUE promoting Lonely Queen's Liberation Party (2018)

TRUE is a Japanese pop singer, lyricist, actress and former idol. She made her debut in 1998 under her real name Karasawa Miho (唐沢美帆) with the Horipro agency as part of the short lived idol unit Five Star Girl. The following year she was part of idol unit NITRO for a film image song. In 2000, she signed to Pony Canyon and became a full-time singer. It was with the release of her third single, "Way to Love", that Karasawa gained popularity. A further five singles and two studio albums followed. In 2010 she colaborated with the SoulJa re-recording of "Way to Love".

Karasawa ended her 12 year association with Horipro in July 2011, and later that year started working as a lyricist with songwriting agency Scoop Music. Initially writing lyrics (Fairies, BRIGHT et al) she quickly moved into anison including several songs for Nanri Yuuka. At the end of 2013, Karasawa announced that she was returning to singing, transitioning to the Lantis label and working professionally as TRUE.



Karasawa Miho promoting "Live" (2001)
Karasawa Miho promoting "affection" (2002)
Karasawa Miho promoting "Cloudy " (2004)
Karasawa Miho promoting TRACKS ~Karasawa Miho Best Album~ (2010)
TRUE promoting "UNISONIA" (2014)
TRUE promoting Joy Heart (2015)
TRUE promoting "Soundscape" (2016)
TRUE promoting Around the TRUE (2017)

Karasawa Miho

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Note: All credits are for "Lyrics" written by Karasawa Miho, unless otherwise indicated.
Aoi Eir
Hibike! Euphonium
Iguchi Yuka
Nanri Yuuka
Nitta Emi
Shokugeki no Soma
  • Hyakusara Ryouran☆Kondate Battle (starring Nakiri Erina / starring Tadokoro Megumi / starring Mito Ikumi / starring Shinomiya Kojiro / starring Takumi Aldini / starring Yukihira Soma)

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