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The Legend OST

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Album Cover
Various Artists
The Legend OST (태왕사신기)
CD Tracklist
  1. Opening
  2. Sacred War (성전)
  3. Damdok ~ Main Theme (담덕의 테마 ~ 메인 테마)
  4. Sujini ~ Solitude (수지니의 테마 ~ 외로움)
  5. Kiha ~ Destiny (기하의 테마 ~ 운명적인 만남)
  6. Destiny (운명)
  7. Hwacheonhwe (화천회)
  8. Battle of the Gods (신들의 전쟁)
  9. Damdok ~ Brave (담덕의 테마 ~ 용맹)
  10. GomulChon (거믈촌)
  11. Hostile Attack (적군의 공격)
  12. Union (단결)
  13. Victory (승리)
  14. Forgive Me (허락)
  15. As Time Passes (세월은 흐르고)
  16. Tragic Love (이루어지지 않는 사랑)
  17. The First Love (첫사랑)
  18. Sujini ~ Piano Solo Version (수지니의 테마 ~ 피아노 솔로)
  19. Cheonnyeon Yeonga - Dong Bang Shin Ki (천년연가(동방신기); Thousand Year Love Song)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Cheonnyeon Yeonga Drama Music Video (천년연가; Thousand Year Love Song)
  2. Damdok Drama Music Video (담덕의 테마)


The Legend OST is the soundtrack album of the Korean drama The Legend (also known as "The Story of the First King's Four Gods"). The song "Cheonnyeon Yeonga" was used as ending theme for the drama; a Japanese version was later released in Japan as the second A-side for Tohoshinki's 22th single "Beautiful You / Sennen Koi Uta". All the songs from the album were composed by one of the most famous Japanese composers, Joe Hisaishi.

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