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The Way We Were

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Single Cover
The Way We Were
Catalog Number
SIDE A Tracklist
  1. The Way We Were
  2. Instrumental Mix (エムフロウ ミックス)
SIDE B Tracklist
  1. too much sense
  2. Instrumental Mix


"The Way We Were" is the debut single recorded by m-flo. It was an Indie release under 's avex's Rhythm REPUBLIC and only released in a vinyl record format. This is the group's only single released as a duo made up of VERBAL and TAKU before asking LISA to join on their second single "been so long". "The Way We Were" is a re-working of Barbra Streisand's hit single, while the B-side "too much sense" is an completely original track. "The Way We Were" has never been used on any studio albums, but it was included on the The Intergalactic Collection compilation.