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Two questions

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If you want a file/page to be deleted just add {{delete}} to the page. They will be deleted by a mod at some point.

For links, first, always Oricon profile, followed by, and all this is completely optional, profiles of their own labels, official music video from official label/artist channel, and ... i guess projecthello lyrics. I don't like the lyric thing, but I guess it's kind like a tradition on H!P pages. So basically the order is by preference. Oricon first, followed by the most official to the less official.

Yes, it has be made into a disambiguation. The page redirects to the single because the original page was made by an new member who probably didn't knew how to separate pages with the same name, and I had to move it. Now, I would love to make Disambig. page. I really like to make them. But as I hate how they are now, for the time being I'm not going to make any until I get some answers to my question on the forum. But you can go ahead and do it ^^.

Pizca08:07, 8 May 2012