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Album Cover
Kahimi Karie
Catalog Number
  1. I Can’t Wait For Summer
  2. Je Dormais Sous La Neige
  3. Sleepwalking
  4. Pygmalism
  5. Ice Age Train
  6. Dear Boy
  7. Do You Know The Time?
  8. Metaphors
  9. ?
  10. (We’ll go) Separate Ways
  11. Kemuri (けむり; Smoke)
  12. Happy Birthday What Am I For?
  13. Lilas Theme


TILT is the third full length album recorded by Kahimi Karie, and her first major label LP. This is Kahimi's third release in a three month period; releasing the mini-albums JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF ME and Once Upon a Time the months prior. It is her only full length LP to be released on Polystar, and after the release of My Suitor Kahimi would move to Victor Entertainment. The album is noted as bridging the gap between her early and newer releases. The overall sound on the record is very Shibuya-Kei influenced but Kahimi does start experimenting with different sounds on the record but it all stays in the vain of Shibuya-Kei.

Much like her previous album Larme De Crocodile and K.K.K.K.K., the record features many different producers. It features the Momus penned "Pygmalism" (which is found on JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF ME) and The Olivia Tremor Control produced "Do You Know The Time?" and "Metaphors" (both found on The Olivia Tremor Control produced Once Upon a Time). It also features production from Arto Lindsay and Julien Ribot.

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