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Tokkaekko Cover

とっかえっ娘。 (romaji: Tokkaekko english: Switched Girls) is a Hello! Project movie. It stars Ishikawa Rika and Yoshizawa Hitomi on the main roles. Produced by Tsunku Town Films, it was released on VHS/DVD on 2002-7-17.


Charmy (Ishikawa), a rich, spoilt girl, and Yossie (Yoshizawa), a poor, hardworking girl, are unhappy with their lives and their families. Their respective mothers, Poor Mom and Rich Mama (both played by Abe) write a letter to Magic User Aibon (Kago) in outer space, asking her to help their poor children, as Poor Mom is worried that Yossie will know nothing but having to work for others, and Rich Mama is worried that Charmy'll become a loveless person, like her father.

What neither mother knows is that Aibon is every bit as mischievous as she's made out to be, and that in the process of trying to help their children she'll accidentally end up switching their lives for a week!