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Upcoming Girls

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Upcoming Girls (アップカミングガールズ) is a special AKB48 single unit that is used during the group's Senbatsu Elections.


Upcoming Girls was first introduced in AKB48's 37th single Kokoro no Placard, singing the B-side Chewing Gum no Aji ga Nakunaru Made. It composed of the 16 girls that ranked 65-80 in the 6th Senbatsu Election. The total number of ranked girls increased from 64 to 80, providing more chances for girls to rank in the election.

Currently, Upcoming Girls is composed of girls who ranked from #65 to #80 in the Senbatsu Election.

AKB48 Upcoming Girls

Chewing Gum no Aji ga Nakunaru Made

(Center: Nagao Mariya)

Kimi Dake ga Akimeiteita

(Center: Saito Makiko)

2016nen no Invitation

(Center: Miyamae Ami)

Tsuki no Kamen

(Center: Ota Nao)


(Center: Goto Moe)