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Who Will Love Me

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Regular Edition CD Cover
Reissue Edition CD Cover
Joey Yung
Who Will Love Me
2007.08.24 (reissue)
CD Tracklist
  1. Sēung-dōng Chi-gīk (相當刺激; So Exciting)
  2. Now and Forever
  3. Goodbye
  4. Chyūn Fā Wùh-díp (穿花蝴蝶; Going-thru Flower Butterfly)
  5. Ging Chéng Làuh-bouh (敬請留步; Please Stay)
  6. Sèuih Lòih Oi Ngóh (誰來愛我; Who Will Love Me?)
  7. Hóu Néuih-hàaih (好女孩; Good Girl)
  8. Waih Néih Maahn-seui (為你萬歲; Cheering For You)
  9. Oi Bāt Oi (愛不愛; Love?)
  10. Lōu Jām (撈針; Searching For A Needle In The Sea)
  11. Jeui-hóu Sìh-gwōng (最好時光; Best Moment)


Who Will Love Me is the 1st album released by Joey Yung. There are 2 editions: regular and reissue edition.