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Will It Snow for Christmas OST

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Album Cover
Various Artist
Will it Snow For Christmas? OST
  1. Blue Christmas (opening title)
  2. GummyGeudaeraseo (그대라서)
  3. Young Saeng (SS501) – Saranghaeyo.. Mianhaeyo.. (사랑해요..미안해요..)
  4. Han So HyunGeunyang Idaero (그냥 이대로)
  5. Jade - Dokhan Sarang (제 이드 – 독한 사랑)
  6. Ilheobeorin Pendent (잃어버린 팬던트)
  7. love snow
  8. Tu Sin (투 신)
  9. paper airplane
  10. Geuriun Abeoji (그리운 아버지)
  11. Chagaun Geurimja (차가운 그림자)
  12. Sarangeun Bitmulcheoreom (사랑은 빗물처럼)
  13. Nunmuruiwalcheu (눈물의왈츠)
  14. Jinannal (지난날)
  15. Sarangeur Chajaseo (사랑을 찾아서)
  16. love painting
  17. Unmyeonguisigan (운명의시간)


Will it Snow For Christmas? OST is the soundtrack album for the Korean drama [[Will it Snow For Christmas?]].

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