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X (manga)

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The protagonists of X (from left to right: Shirou Kamui, Monou Kotori, Monou Fuma

X (X −エックス−) or X/1999 is a apocalyptic shojo manga series created by CLAMP. The series premiered in May 1992 on Monthly ASUKA shoujo magazine and ran to March 2003. The chapters were collected into 18 volumes and published by Kadokawa Shoten. X is currently on hold due to its violent stories and Japanese social problems at the time of its publishment.

The manga was adapted into a movie in 1996, an anime series in 2001 and and two video games. The manga, movie and TV series were licensed in North America.


The story of X is set in the year 1999, before the coming of the 21st century. Following the last words of his mother, Shirou Kamui, an adolescent, returns to Tokyo, where he and his mother left for years, to find the truth about his destiny. Here, he meets again with his childhood friends, the Monou brother and sister: Monou Fuma and Kotori. At first, Kamui acts coldly to them due to his dangerous condition but he later opens his heart because of their tenderness.

In Tokyo, Kamui also encounters with people related to the end of the world, who consider him to be the person who hold the key to the fate of Earth. He is later revealed by the dreamgazer princess Hinoto that he is the leader of the dragons and can choose to become a Dragon of Heaven, the one to wish to protect the current Earth or a Dragon of Earth, the one who wish for a change and destroy the Earth. Because of his feelings for the Monou brother and sister, the one he cares the most after the death of his mother, Kamui choose to become a Dragon of Heaven and the sorrowful battle to determine the future of Earth begins.


  • Shirou Kamui (司狼神威): The protagonist of the manga and the leader of the Dragon of Heaven
In the past, Kamui befriended with Monou Fuma and Kotori but he had to leave Tokyo at the age of nine because of Monou Saya's death. Six years later, following the last words of his mother, Kamui returns to Tokyo to find the truth about his mother's death and the destiny awaiting him. In Tokyo, he is revealed by Princess Hinoto that he is the one who keeps the fate of the world by choosing to lead the Dragons of Heaven or the Dragons of Earth. Kamui chooses to become a Dragon of Heaven to protect the Earth.
Voiced by Seki Tomokazu (movie) and Suzumura Kenichi (TV series)
  • Monou Fuma (桃生封真): The second protagonist of the series and the leader of the Dragon of Earth
Fuma's is Kamui's best friend and the heir to the Tokagushi Shrine. He is a kind young boy and beloved by everyone. Later in the series, he loses his self and becomes the other Kamui after Kamui chose to side with the Dragons of Heaven because his fate of Kamui's twin star. After his other character awoke, Fuma kills his sister and teams up with the other Dragons of Earth at their underground headquarters below the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.
Voiced by Narita Ken (movie) and Suwabe Junichi (TV series)
  • Monou Kotori (桃生小鳥): Fuma's younger sister and Kamui's best friend
Kotori is the younger sister of Fuma, a beautiful and delicate girl. She is also gifted with the ability of a dreamgazer like his mother. Kotori has special feelings to Kamui because of their close relationship and his promise to make her his bride in the past. After Kamui chose to become a Dragon of Heaven, she is killed by Fuma, who also became the other Kamui because unlike Kamui's destiny, her death is decided. Before going to the heaven, she leave her last prophecy to both Kamuis that the future is still undetermined.
Voiced by Iwao Junko (movie) and Noto Mamiko (TV series)


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  • [1992.08.17] X1
  • [1992.11.17] X2
  • [1993.02.17] X3
  • [1993.06.17] X4
  • [1993.11.17] X5
  • [1994.12.17] X6
  • [1995.10.17] X7
  • [1996.06.17] X8
  • [1997.01.17] X9
  • [1997.09.17] X10
  • [1998.10.17] X11
  • [1999.03.17] X12
  • [1999.08.17] X13
  • [2000.02.17] X14
  • [2000.08.17] X15
  • [2001.03.17] X16
  • [2001.11.17] X17
  • [2002.09.17] X18

North America

  • [2004.11.19] Volume 1: Prelude
  • [2004.11.19] Volume 2: Overture
  • [2005.01.12] Volume 3: Sonata
  • [2005.01.12] Volume 4: Intermezzo
  • [2005.04.13] Volume 5: Serenade
  • [2005.04.13] Volume 6: Duet
  • [2005.05.25] Volume 7: Rhapsody
  • [2005.05.25] Volume 8: Crescendo
  • [2005.07.29] Volume 9: Requiem
  • [2005.08.31] Volume 10: Fugue
  • [2005.11.07] Volume 11: Interlude
  • [2005.11.23] Volume 12: Movement
  • [2006.02.15] Volume 13: Lament
  • [2006.03.15] Volume 14: Concerto
  • [2006.05.17] Volume 15: Waltz
  • [2006.07.26] Volume 16: Nocturne
  • [2006.09.06] Volume 17: Suite
  • [2007.10.10] Volume 18: Inversion



The series was first adapted to a feature film directed by Rintaro but due to the limited time, the manga story was heavily edited. The movie is also known for its theme song, "Forever Love", performed by famous rock band X JAPAN.

TV series

In 2001, after the manga was coming the end, studio MADHOUSE decided to make a new anime adaption for X. On August 25, 2001, an OVA titled Yochou - AN OMEN was released and leaded to the story of the TV series. The anime premiered on October 3, 2001 and ended on March 27, 2002. Its was praised by fans for a better adaption than the movie.

Episode List
# Title Release Date
00 Yochou - AN OMEN (再会) 2001.08.25
01 Saikai - A REUNION (再会) 2001.10.03
02 Yumemi - A NIGHTMARE (夢見) 2001.10.10
03 Yakusoku - A PLEDGE (約束) 2001.10.17
04 Kagenie - A SACRIFICE (影贄) 2001.10.24
05 Shukumei - A DESTINY (宿命) 2001.10.31
06 Kouya - KOUYA (高野) 2001.11.07
07 Dennou - CIVER (電脳) 2001.11.14
08 Soiboshi - GEMINI (添星) 2001.11.21
09 Onmyou - ONMYOU (陰陽) 2001.11.28
10 Inuki - INUKI (犬鬼) 2001.12.05
11 Kekkai - BORDER (境界) 2001.12.12
12 Sentaku - ALTERNATIVE (選択) 2001.12.19
13 Kakusei - RETURN (帰還) 2002.01.09
14 Shuuketsu - GATHERING (集結) 2002.01.16
15 Shugo - GURDIAN (守護) 2002.01.23
16 Kyomu - SLAUGHTER (虚無) 2002.01.30
17 Kumon - WISH (苦悶) 2002.02.06
18 Shinsei - NEWBORN (新生) 2002.02.13
19 Rengoku - INFERNO (煉獄) 2002.02.20
20 Koiuta - RIPPLE (恋歌) 2002.02.27
21 Rurou - CURRENT (流浪) 2002.03.06
22 Haishin - BETRAYAL (背信) 2002.03.13
23 Daichi - EARTH (天地) 2002.03.20
24 Densetsu - LEGEND (伝説) 2002.03.27


The music for the movie of X is written by Shimizu Yasuaki while the TV series is composed by Sato Naoki and produced by flying DOG label.

TV series

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