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Yanawaraba (September 2010)

Yanawaraba (やなわらばー) are a Japanese duo who debuted in 2003. Both girls play guitar and harmonize on their songs, and their lyrics are written in the Okinawan dialect.


Yuu and Rio met at school in Okinawa. Since they both wanted to make a career as musicians, they went to an art school in Osaka where they were introduced to very different music genres. Them living far away from home made them write the song Aoi Takara in their Okinawan dialect, which eventually helped them win an audition, and led them to sign a contract with a record label. In 2004, their song Ari no Uta was used as an ending theme for the anime Crayon Shin-chan, and since then they have been more and more exposed in the media. Their latest songs have ranked in the Oricons chart, and therefore they have been invited to perform on various shows such as Music Station.




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