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Yapoos Keikaku Live & Clip +2

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VHS Cover
DVD Cover
Yapoos Keikaku LIVE & CLIP (ヤプーズ計画 Live&Clip) (VHS)
Yapoos Keikaku LIVE & CLIP +2 (ヤプーズ計画 Live&Clip +2) (DVD & reissue)
2002.12.04 (DVD reissue)
2012.10.24 (12' reissue)
Catalog Number
TEBN-35003 (02' reissue)
TEBN-30042 (12' reissue)
¥3,500 (02' reissue)
¥3,000 (12' reissue)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Barbara Sexeroid (バーバラ・セクサロイ) (Video Clip)
  2. Nikuya no Yoni (肉屋のように; As a Butcher) (Video Clip)
  3. Sample A (サンプルA) (Live)
  4. Daddy the Heaven (ダディ・ザ・ヘヴン) (Live and Video Clip Mix)
  5. Roudou Ian Shouka (労働慰安唱歌; Comfort Singing Labor) (Video Clip)
  6. Kisu Wo (キスを; A Kiss) (Video Clip)
  7. Uchuu Shikan Kouhosei (宇宙士官候補生; Space Cadet) (Video Clip)
  8. Love Clone (ラブ・クローン) (Live)
  9. Cecil Cut (セシルカット) (Live)
  10. Lolita 108 Go (ロリータ108号; Lolita Number 108) (Live)
  11. Collector (コレクター) (Live)
  12. Suteki na Jikan (素敵な時間; A Wonderful Time) (Ending Roll Video)
  13. Dai Tenshi no You ni (大天使のように; Like an Archangel) (Video Clip)
  14. Virgin Blues (バージンブルース) (Video Clip)


Yapoos Keikaku LIVE & CLIP/+2 is the second VHS and first DVD released by YAPOOS. It features video clips as well as live performances.

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