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Youxing De Chibang

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Pre-order Cover
CD/CD+DVD Album Cover
Angela Chang
Yǒuxíng De Chìbǎng (有形的翅膀; Visible Wings)
CD Tracklist
  1. That Girl
  2. Lín Yǔ Yīzhí Zǒu (淋雨一直走; Walking Through the Rain)
  3. Zuìjìn Hǎo Ma (最近好嗎?; How Have You Been?)
  4. Yǒuxíng De Chìbǎng (有形的翅膀; Visible Wings)
  5. Wǒ Méi Gǎibiàn (我沒改變; I Did not Change)
  6. Jiǎng Bù Tīng (講不聽; Can't Listen)
  7. Honesty
  8. If I'm the one for you
  9. Wángzǐ Bìng (王子病; Prince Disease)
  10. Xiōngdì Jiěmèi (兄弟姐妹; Brothers and Sisters)
  11. Shì Wǒ (是我; It's Me)
DVD Tracklist
  1. That Girl (Behind the Scenes Highlights)
  2. That Girl (MV)


Yǒuxíng De Chìbǎng is the seventh album released by Angela Chang and first under new label, Wonderful Music. The album was released in three versions; a CD only version, a CD+DVD version that includes a poster and a Pre-order version that includes a 2013 calendar. This album has more of a dance sound compared to her past albums.

G-Music Charts

Angela Chang promoting the album
Week Rank Sales (%)
5 2.42
5 3.34
18 0.48
18 0.70
16 0.61

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