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Zui Shuxi De...Xiao Yaxuan (Love Elva...Remix & More)

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Album Cover
Elva Hsiao
Zui Shuxi De...Xiao Yaxuan (Love Elva...Remix & More) (最熟悉的... 蕭亞軒; The Most Familiar Elva Hsiao)
CD1 Tracklist (Dance Elva)
  1. Ai De Zhu Da Ge (愛的主打歌; Love's Theme Song)
  2. Xingfu De Ditu (Dance Version) (幸福的地圖; Map of Happiness)
  3. Kaishi Ai (開始愛; Start Love)
  4. Mingtian (明天; Tomorrow)
  5. Let It Go (feat. Stanley Huang)
  6. Aishang Ai (愛上愛; In Love with Love)
  7. Aiqing Tongguan Miyu (愛情通關密語; Love Password)
  8. Cappuccino (J cover)
  9. Shuai La Shuai La (甩啦甩啦; Dump It Dump It)
  10. Yuanshi (原始; Original)
  11. Yinwei Ni (因為你; Because of You)
  12. Wo Jiushi Wo (我就是我 ; I Am Me)
  13. Yigeren De Jingcai (一個人的精彩; A Person's Excellence)
  14. And I Know (Remix Version)
  15. Weilai (未來; Future)
  16. LOVE ELVA (Megamix)
CD2 Tracklist (Ballad Elva)
  1. Zui Shuxi De Moshengren (Luxy Remix)
  2. Qiangwei (薔薇; Rose)
  3. Wen (吻; Kiss)
  4. Ta He Ta De Gushi (他和她的故事; The Story of Him and Her)
  5. Chuang Wai De Tianqi (窗外的天氣; The Weather Outside the Window)
  6. Jinxing Shi (進行式; Progressive Mode)
  7. U Make Me Wanna (feat. Blue)
  8. Yibeizi Zuo Ni De Nuhai (一輩子做你的女孩; Forever Your Girl)
  9. Xiayici Lian'ai (feat. SAKURA) (下一次戀愛; The Next Love)
  10. Laizi Diwu Dadao De Mingxinpian (來自第五大道的明信片; Postcard from Fifth Avenue)
  11. Mimi (秘密; Secret)
  12. Meiyou Ren (沒有人; Nobody)
  13. Wo Ai Ni Name Duo (我愛你那麼多; I Love You So Much)
  14. Chaqu (插曲; Episode)
  15. Wen Ziji (問自己; Ask Myself)
  16. Zui Shuxi De Moshengren (最熟悉的陌生人; The Most Familiar Stranger)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Zui Shuxi De Moshengren (MV)
  2. Cappuccino (MV)
  3. Meiyou Ren (MV)
  4. Ta He Ta De Gushi (MV)
  5. Yigeren De Jingcai (MV)
  6. Chuang Wai De Tianqi (MV)
  7. Qiangwei (MV)
  8. Meili De Chaqu (美麗的插曲; Beautiful Episode) (MV)
  9. Mingtian (MV)
  10. Wo Ai Ni Name Duo (MV)
  11. Xiayici Lian'ai (MV)
  12. Jinxing Shi (MV)
  13. Kaishi Ai (MV)
  14. Wen (MV)
  15. Shuai La Shuai La (MV)


Zui Shuxi De...Xiao Yaxuan (Love Elva...Remix & More) is the second compilation album released by Elva Hsiao. It includes many of her biggest hits and some remixes.

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