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chatmonchy ni Naritai

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Album Cover
chatmonchy ni Naritai (チャットモンチーになりたい; We Want to Become chatmonchy)
  1. three sheeps
  2. DEMO, Koi wa Circus. (DEMO、恋はサーカス。; But, Love Is a Circus.)
  3. Hotaru Hotaru (惚たる蛍; Charmed Firefly)
  4. Saita (さいた; It Bloomed)
  5. Saraba Seishun (サラバ青春; Farewell Youth)
  6. Hotaru Hotaru (Karaoke Version) (bonus track)


chatmonchy ni Naritai is the debut indie mini-album released by chatmonchy. This release is the band's first release to contain their current line-up. All the songs on the album except for "Saita" have been re-recorded during the bands major label career. The album was an independent release which the band distributed by hand throughout the Tokushima area. It's estimated sales are around 1,500 copies.