Onitsuka Chihiro – "ONE OF PILLARS" ~BEST OF CHIHIRO ONITSUKA 2000-2010~


    “ONE OF PILLARS” ~BEST OF CHIHIRO ONITSUKA 2000-2010~ is Onitsuka Chihiro‘s second “best of” compilation (third overall). It is the first compilation album released with Onitsuka’s consent, as the previous albums were released by Toshiba-EMI after they dropped her from their label. The tracklisting spans both her Toshiba-EMI and her Universal Music Japan labels. Before the release, there was confusion about the tracklisting due to some retail sites mentioning the inclusion of “Sodatsu Zassou” in their summaries, although it was not on any official tracklisting.

    To help with promotions, Toshiba-EMI uploaded all of Onitsuka’s EMI music videos onto their official Youtube channel, which meant that all of her existing PV‘s were uploaded by their respective labels.


    Catalog Number
    ¥ 3,000
    CD Tracklist
    1. Gekkou (月光; Moonbeam)
    2. Memai (眩暈; Dizzyness)
    3. Ryuuseigun (流星群; Meteor Shower)
    4. infection
    5. King of Solitude
    6. Sign
    7. Watashi to Waltz wo (私とワルツを; Waltz with Me)
    8. Rainman (LAS VEGAS Version)
    9. everyhome
    10. Hotaru (蛍; Firefly)
    11. X
    12. Wakusei no Mori (惑星の森; Forest of Planets)
    13. Kaerimichi wo Nakushite (帰り路をなくして; Losing My Way Home)
    14. Kagerou (陽炎; Heat Haze)

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