DOUBLE – Ballad Collection Mellow


    Ballad Collection Mellow is DOUBLE third consecutive best album. It recollects all of her best ballads, including her singles “Let it go” and “Oyasumi no Kiss wo ~Good Night My Love~” and also the radio-single “Stranger”.

    Both editions comes with a limited special good depending on the store where it is bought: HMV ones comes with a ‘Nail care set’, the TSUTAYA ones comes with a ‘Original key ring’ and the TOWER RECORDS ones comes with a ‘Frost mirror’.


    Catalog Number
    FLCF-4325 (Limited edition)
    FLCF-4329 (Regular edition)
    ¥3,000 (Limited edition)
    ¥2,500 (Regular edition)
    CD Tracklist
    1. Stranger (ストレンジャー)
    2. Angel (sg. ver)
    3. WHY DO YOU GO
    4. Okaeri (Welcome Back)
    5. Strange Things
    6. Betcha
    7. You Took My Heart Away
    8. Sweet Time
    9. Teach Me
    10. This close
    11. Winter Love Song
    12. Let it go
    13. Oyasumi no Kiss wo ~Good Night My Love~ (おやすみのキスを ~Good Night My Love~) / DOUBLE x Shimizu Shota
    14. Nokoribi -eternal Bed- (sg. ver) (残り火 -eternal Bed-; Remaining Fire)
    15. For You
    16. Through The Fire (1997 March Rec.)
    DVD Tracklist
    1. Stranger (PV)
    2. Oyasumi no Kiss wo ~Good Night My Love~ (PV)
    3. Let it go (PV)


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