KAT-TUN – Going!


    “Going!” is KAT-TUN‘s twelfth single. The title track was used as the theme song for the TV show Going! Sports & News, featuring Kamenashi Kazuya as a special weekly commentator for the duration of the baseball season. The release comes in three formats with one regular and two limited editions. The regular edition includes two tracks plus their instrumental counterparts. Limited Edition B includes the track “I DON’T MISS U” which is a solo song performed by Tanaka Koki and “Answer” which is sung by Nakamaru Yuichi. Limited Edition A features a b-side, “SMILE” and the DVD includes the music video for “Going!” and making-of footage.

    Catalog Number
    JACA-5212/13 (Limited Edition A)
    JACA-5214 (Limited Edition B)
    JACA-5215 (Regular Edition)
    ¥1,470 (Limited Edition A)
    ¥1,200 (Limited Edition B)
    ¥1,000 (Regular Edition)
    Limited Edition A CD Tracklist
    1. Going!
    2. SMILE
    Limited Edition A DVD Tracklist
    1. Going! (PV)
    2. Going! (Making of)
    Limited Edition B Tracklist
    1. Going!
    2. I DON’T MISS U (Tanaka Koki solo)
    3. Answer (Nakamaru Yuichi solo)
    Regular Edition Tracklist
    1. Going!
    2. FALL DOWN
    3. Going! (Instrumental)
    4. FALL DOWN (Instrumental)


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