Aldious – Deep Exceed


    Deep Exceed is the debut album released by Aldious. It was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD-only edition. The limited edition came with a trading card featuring all members of the band, while the regular edition came with a trading card featuring only the vocalist, Rami. Limited copies of both editions bought from HMV also came with a picture disc and a bonus single featuring “Luft (Monochrome Version)“.

    Catalog Number
    BSRS-002 (Limited Edition)
    BSRS-003 (Regular Edition)
    ¥3,500 (Limited Edition)
    ¥2,800 (Regular Edition)
    CD Tracklist
    1. Luft -Opening-
    2. Luft
    3. Yachou (夜蝶; Nocturnal Butterfly)
    4. Bind
    5. Shion (紫苑; Aster Tataricus)
    6. Dual Personality
    7. Across
    8. Ultimate Melodious (Album Version)
    9. Eversince (Metal Version)
    10. Premixed Flame (Regular Edition Only)
    11. Deep
    DVD Tracklist
    1. Luft (Music Video)
    2. Ultimate Melodious (Live Performance Video)
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