Released 2010.10.13

    GREATEST HITS is the first best album released by OLIVIA. It consists of two discs, with the first contain her greatest hits and the second is a selection of OLIVIA’s favorite songs plus two new tracks “Sunlight” and “Be your friend“. The DVD contains nine video clips. The album art work was fully designed by OLIVIA herself.

    Catalog Number
    CTCR-14692 (2CD+DVD)
    CTCR-14694 (2CD)
    ¥4,000 (2CD+DVD)
    ¥3,000 (2CD)
    CD1 Tracklist
    1. Stars shining out
    2. Color of your Spoon
    3. Rain
    4. Dream Catcher
    5. a little pain
    6. Sunlight
    7. Sea me
    8. Wish
    9. SpidERSpins
    10. Sailing free
    11. Into the stars
    12. Winter sleep
    CD2 Tracklist
    1. Ballerina
    2. Let go
    3. Be your friend
    4. Space halo
    5. Cut me free
    6. Under your waves
    7. Cupid
    8. alone in our castle
    9. Celestial delinquent
    10. If you only knew
    11. Trinka trinka
    12. tears & rainbows
    DVD Tracklist
    1. Sailing free
    2. Rain
    3. Stars shining out
    4. Wish
    5. a little pain
    6. SpidERSpins
    7. Into The Stars
    8. Sea me
    9. Color of your Spoon

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