2AM – Saint O'Clock


    Released 2010.10.26

    Saint O’Clock is 2AM‘s first regular album and first release under Big Hit Entertainment, a JYP Entertainment sub-label. It was called their first “regular” album as it was released after Jalmotaesseo, their first repackaged mini-album, which was released as a full album. Saint O’Clock was released in two editions, regular and “Special Limited Edition”. The limited edition comes with two bonus tracks (2AM first two singles lead tracks), a 24page photobook, a monthly notebook (56p), a stamp book (20p) and a commemorative paper.

    1. INTRO – Phone
    2. Jeonhwal Batji Annneun Neoege (전활 받지 않는 너에게)
    3. Michin Deusi (미친 듯이; Crazy)
    4. Baro Naya (feat. GLAM) (바로 나야; Just Me)
    5. MIRAGE
    6. Gobaekadeon Nal (고백하던 날; The Day I Confessed(Jo Kwon) solo)
    7. Ijen Eopda (이젠 없다; Not Now)
    8. Buranhada (불안하다; Anxious)
    9. LOVE U, HATE U (feat. 방탄소년단)
    10. With or without U
    11. Saranghandan Mal Motae (사랑한단 말 못해; I Can’t Say I Love You)
    12. Chingui Gobaek (친구의 고백; Friend’s Confession(Special Limited Edition Only)
    13. Inorae (이노래; This Song(Special Limited Edition Only)

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