ViViD – “Yume” ~Mugen no Kanata~


Released 2011.01.19

“”Yume” ~Mugen no Kanata~” is the major debut single and fifth overall single released by ViViD, released under Sony Music’s sub-label EPIC Records. This was released in three different versions: two limited CD+DVD editions (A & B) and a regular CD only edition. Both limited editions comes with the title song’s PV; limited edition A contains three live performances taken from their August 8th, 2010 live at Shibuya-AX, while limited edition B comes with the PV and live performance of “Take-off“. The regular edition comes with another B-side song, “risk“.

Catalog Number
ESCL-3585/6 (Limited Edition A)
ESCL-3587/8 (Limited Edition B)
ESCL-3589 (Regular Edition)
¥1,890 (Limited Editions)
¥1,260 (Regular Edition)
Limited Editions CD Tracklist
  1. “Yume” ~Mugen no Kanata~ (「夢」~ムゲンノカナタ~; “Dreams” ~Beyond the Fantasy~)
  2. Rem
Limited Edition A DVD Tracklist
  1. “Yume” ~Mugen no Kanata~ (「夢」~ムゲンノカナタ~) (Music Video)
  • Live 8/8 Shibuya-AX LIVE Video
  1. Dear
  2. Across The Border
Limited Edition B DVD Tracklist
  1. “Yume” ~Mugen no Kanata~ (「夢」~ムゲンノカナタ~) (Music Video)
  2. Take-off (Music Video)
  3. Take-off (Live 8/8 Shibuya-AX LIVE Video)
Regular Edition Tracklist
  1. “Yume” ~Mugen no Kanata~ (「夢」~ムゲンノカナタ~)
  2. Rem
  3. risk

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