Momoiro Clover’s Hayami Akari to quit idol career


Idol group Momoiro Clover held an in-store event in Chiba on Sunday, and member and sub-leader Hayami Akari (15) unexpectedly announced in front of the 500 fans in attendance that she is leaving the group in April.

With tears in her eyes, Hayami explained that she wants to try a different path in life besides being an idol. Hayami said that she felt since she was little that she didn’t have the personality to be an idol. She also said that she had felt doubts about being in Momoiro Clover, and there were even times where she had started to dislike being in the group. However, she remarked that her time with the group was not a waste, as she has made some important memories.

Leader Momota Kanako (16) said that she was speechless when Hayami had informed her of the decision just three days earlier.

Momoiro Clover is scheduled to release their next single Mirai Bowl on March 9. Hayami’s last performance with the group will be on April 10 at Nakano Sun Plaza.



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