Eco idol group AeLL holds debut event


Idol group AeLL. held their debut event on Friday at the Tower Records store in Shinjuku. Their first single, “Ecology Monkeys / Chu! Chu! Hareru yeah,” went on sale that day, and all 600 of the store’s copies sold out thanks to the crowd of fans in attendance.

AeLL. is a 4-member unit formed in January by management office Shining Will, consisting of gravure idols Shinozaki Ai (19), Nishi Erika (22), Takana Kumi (17), and Shijo Haruna (17). The group takes their name from the slogan “Activity eco Life with Love,” as their activities (other than live performances) are related to ecological and health issues. They have already run a couple marathons, and their upcoming schedule includes picking up trash around Mt. Fuji.

Nishi, the group’s leader, commented that they plan to continue on a different path from other idols, but they are aiming to someday appear on shows like “Music Station” and even Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

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