Yamazaki Kento, Hashimoto Ai reunite for “Another” horror movie


Kadokawa Pictures announced in February that Ayatsuji Yukito’s horror novel “Another” would be getting a live-action movie adaptation, and now details have finally been released. The film will co-star Yamazaki Kento (16) and Hashimoto Ai (15), who just starred together in the movie “Kanseitou” that was released last month.

Yamazaki plays Sakakibara Koichi, a boy who transfers to a middle school in a city by the mountains. However, his classmates soon begin dying one by one, and he finds himself teaming up with a mysterious girl (Hashimoto), who holds the key to the truth behind the incidents.

Furusawa Takeshi (“Avec Punch,” “Ghost Train”) directed the movie, which¬†was shot entirely in Iga, Mie, between April 16 and May 12. Kadokawa is working with Toho for distribution, and they plan to release the film in early summer 2012.

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