“Taira no Kiyomori” female cast led by Fukada Kyoko, Takei Emi


NHK’s 2012 taiga drama “Taira no Kiyomori” already has an impressive male cast lined up, who were announced two weeks ago. Today, NHK held a press conference to reveal the main female cast, adding nine more big names to the roster. At the top of the list were actresses Fukada Kyoko and Takei Emi, playing important roles as partners of lead actor Matsuyama Kenichi.

The drama revolves around the life of the 12th century general Taira no Kiyomori (Matsuyama). Fukada plays his wife, Taira no Tokiko. Meanwhile, Takei plays his concubine, Tokiwa Gozen, who was also a lover to Kiyomori’s rival Minamoto no Yoshitomo (Tamaki Hiroshi).

Out of the nine actresses revealed today, only Fukada and Wakui Emi have appeared in one of NHK’s taiga dramas before. The announced roles are:

“Taira no Kiyomori” premieres in January 2012 and will run for 50 episodes.



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