Uchino Masaaki to star in TV Tokyo’s 2012 Shinshun Wide Jidaigeki


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TV Tokyo has revealed details about its next New Year’s historical drama special, known as the “Shinshun Wide Jidaigeki.” For 2012, the drama has been tentatively titled “Chushingura ~Sono Gi Sono Ai~” and will star actor Uchino Masaaki (42) as Horibe Yasubei, a master swordsman who was one of the Forty-seven Ronin.

Uchino’s biggest jidaigeki roles so far include Sakamoto Ryoma in the drama series “JIN” and Yamamoto Kansuke in the taiga drama “Furinkazan.”

For this drama, Uchino will star opposite Tachi Hiroshi (61), who will play the part of Oishi Kuranosuke, the leader of the Forty-seven Ronin. The story will focus on the conflict between Horibe and Oishi, despite them later working together to avenge their master.

TV Tokyo has been airing a “Shinshun Wide Jidaigeki” every year since 1979, though it has gradually decreased from a length of 12 hours to its current length of 7 hours. This will be the 5th time that the drama will involve the Chushingura story, though it will be the first one with Horibe as the central character.

“Chushingura ~Sono Gi Sono Ai~” is scheduled for broadcast on January 2, 2012.

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