Uchino Masaaki, Ichiro Maki divorce


Image from: Sankei Sports

It was announced on Thursday that actor Uchino Masaaki (42) and actress Ichiro Maki (46) have officially divorced. In a joint fax sent to the media, they stated that they submitted their divorce paperwork that same day.

In the statement, Uchino and Ichiro said that they extensively discussed their family and their futures, and in the end they decided to part ways.

Ichiro, a former Takarazuka top star, acted together with Uchino for the first time in a 2000 production of the musical “Elisabeth.” They married in July 2006 and gave birth to a daughter 3 months later.

Later on, it was reported that the two had started living separately. In September of last year, the magazine FRIDAY alleged that Uchino was guilty of drunk driving. The magazine also reported that Uchino was having an affair, evidenced by photos of him kissing a woman inside his car.

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