Saito Takumi takes over lead role in “QP” drama series


Image from: Mantan Web

The popular manga “QP,” written by “CROWS” author Takahashi Hiroshi, is being adapted as a live-action drama series this fall. The show will star actor Saito Takumi (30) and will be directed by Miike Takashi, who also directed the live-action “CROWS ZERO” movie.

The lead role was originally given to actor Takaoka Sousuke (29), but the casting was changed after Takaoka had to resign from his management agency over controversial remarks he made on Twitter.

The main character of the manga was Ishida Kotori, also known as “QP,” the most powerful gangster in his area. The drama will shift its focus onto Azuma Ryo, Kotori’s close friend who has some hidden ambitions.

The series will be broadcast on NTV at 12:59am late on Wednesday nights. The first episode, scheduled for October 5, will start half an hour later at 1:29am.

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