Sugimoto Aya reveals she remarried in April


Image from: Mantan Web

Actress Sugimoto Aya (43) announced on Wednesday that she remarried earlier this year. In a fax sent to the media, she revealed that she officially married on April 17 to a 41-year-old businessman whom she was dating for 13 years.

Sugimoto was previously married to musician Numata Toshinori between 1992 and 2003. Their divorce garnered much media attention due to Sugimoto openly describing the marriage as “sexless.”

Sugimoto described her new husband as being a business partner as well. They met through work 15 years ago, and it is said that they were friends for about a year before they began dating. It seems that they started living together 8 years ago, which would be around the time of Sugimoto’s divorce.

Mantan Web


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