Morning Musume’s 10th generation revealed


On Thursday, Morning Musume held a concert at Nippon Budokan as part of their current tour, which will end with a second Budokan concert on Friday. While leader Takahashi Ai will graduate from the group at the end of the tour, four new members are being added as part of the group’s 10th generation.

The 10th generation audition was held this summer, attracting approximately 6,000 applicants. Out of that competitive field, 4 members were selected, and they were revealed on stage during Morning Musume’s concert on Thursday.

The new members are Iikubo Haruna (16), a fashion model for Love Berry previously known by the name Dan Hau; Ishida Ayumi (14), a dancer for Dorothy Little Happy; Sato Masaki (12); and Kudo Haruka (11), a former Hello! Pro Egg member.

With the graduation of Takahashi and the addition of these four members, Morning Musume will grow to a total size of 12, with an average age of 15.8 years old.



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