Kusakari Tamiyo, Yakusho Koji reunite with Suo Masayuki for new film


Actress Kusakari Tamiyo (46) will star in the next film by director Suo Masayuki. Actor Yakusho Koji (55) has also been cast, making this the first on-screen reunion for the three of them since Suo’s hit “Shall We Dance?” in 1996.

The new movie does not yet have a title, but it is based on a short story called “Tsui no Shintaku” by lawyer and author Saku Tatsuki, included as part of the novel “Inochi no Owari wo Kimeru Toki.”

The plot is described as a love story and a human drama about a doctor named Orii Ayano (Kusakari) who deals with patients suffering from serious illnesses. Yakusho plays a patient named Egi Shinzo who entrusts her with a difficult final request – to not be given life support.

The film’s cast also includes Asano Tadanobu, playing a fellow doctor with whom Ayano has an affair, and Osawa Takao, playing a prosecutor questioning Ayano’s possible medical malpractice.

Shooting has already begun and should continue until mid-December. Theatrical release is planned for 2012.

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