Inoue Mao stars in tug-of-war comedy by director Mizuta Nobuo


Popular actress Inoue Mao (24) is starring in a new comedy by movie director Mizuta Nobuo (“Nakumonka,” “Maiko Haaaan!!!”). The film, titled “Tsunahiichatta!,” is inspired by an actual women’s tug-of-war team.

Inoue plays a beautiful but serious woman named Nishikawa Chiaki, who works in the public relations department of the government office in the city of Oita. In the past, the city was the home of the Oita Cosmo Ladies, who won the world tug-of-war championships three times. With that in mind, the city’s mayor orders the creation of a new women’s tug-of-war team.

The women of the office’s meal center, which is on the verge of being shut down, are chosen for the team, including Chiaki’s own mother (Matsuzaka Keiko). However, due to the lack of enough members, Chiaki herself is pulled into the team, even winding up as the team’s captain.

Habara Daisuke, the screenwriter behind movies such as “Pacchigi!” and “Hula Girls,” is providing the screenplay. Besides Matsuzaka, Inoue’s supporting cast features Tamayama Tetsuji, Nishida Naomi, Watanabe Naomi, Sonim, Asaji Yoko, Sasano Takashi, and Kazama Morio.

The movie will be filmed entirely in Oita, with the cooperation of the city. Shooting began on November 3 and is planned to finish on December 6. Toho will distribute the film in 2012.

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