Enka singer Kobayashi Sachiko marries


In August, newspapers reported that enka singer Kobayashi Sachiko (57) was planning to get married this year to Hayashi Akio (49), the CEO of TES Holdings, a company that promotes regenerative medicine. At noon on Tuesday, November 15, the two officially became a couple, as they submitted their marriage registration in Tokyo’s Minato ward.

Kobayashi held a press conference after that to publicly announce her marriage. She amusingly commented, “I’ve gone from being a Kobayashi (小林 means ‘small forest’) to a Hayashi (林 means ‘forest’).”

November 15 is a memorable day for the couple. The two first met on that day a few years ago, at a gathering with actress Baisho Chieko (70).

The newlyweds have no plans to hold a wedding ceremony, but they are currently considering a honeymoon. Hayashi will be going to Vienna to check on a company that he started there, so the couple plan to visit several countries in Europe next February.

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