2011 Best Dresser Awards: Higashiyama Noriyuki, Kichise Michiko, KARA, Choshinsei


The 2011 Best Dresser Awards were announced on Wednesday. This year, there were two winners in the “entertainment category”: Higashiyama Noriyuki and Kichise Michiko. There were also two winners in the “international category”: KARA and Choshinsei.

The Best Dresser Awards, held annually by the Japan Men’s Fashion Unity, celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. The international category was first established in 2002, though it is not awarded every year.

The other winners were:

  • Koga Miho, golfer (sports category)
  • Kuroiwa Yuji, Kanagawa governor (politics/economics category)
  • Ishida Ira, author (academics/culture category)
  • Terry Ito, talento (special award)

The Best Debutant of the Year Awards, which honor young creators, were also announced. The winners included:

  • Makino Junko, designer (fashion category)
  • Wada Ei, member of performance group Open Reel Ensemble (visual/graphic art category)
  • Ito Miyu, singer (music category)

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