Matsushima Nanako joins cast of Matsumoto Jun’s “Lucky Seven”


More cast members have been revealed for Fuji TV’s upcoming drama series “Lucky Seven.” The biggest announcement is that “Kaseifu no Mita” star Matsushima Nanako (38) will be in it, playing the boss of the detective agency of the “Lucky Seven” team.

The drama was unveiled last month, starring Arashi member Matsumoto Jun (28) as a rookie detective named Tokita Shuntaro. At the time, Eita (28) and Oizumi Yo (38) were revealed as two other members of the detective team. It is now known that Naka Riisa (22), Kadono Takuzo (63), and Iriki Mari (21) are also part of the team.

Fukiishi Kazue (29) will play a police inspector who has connections with the agency. Okae Kumiko (55) will play Shuntaro’s mother.

Matsushima and Matsumoto previously appeared together in the drama series “Hana Yori Dango” in 2005 and its sequel in 2007.

This will be Matsushima’s first role in one of Fuji TV’s “Getsu 9” dramas since “Yamato Nadeshiko” in 2000, which had ratings of 26.4%, peaking at 34.2% for its final episode. She currently appears in NTV’s “Kaseifu no Mita,” which has so far reached ratings as high as 29.6%.

“Lucky Seven” premieres on January 16.

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