Nagayama Kento, Tabata Tomoko become lovers in “Fugainai Boku wa Sora wo Mita”


Nagayama Kento and Tabata Tomoko will co-star in a new movie titled “Fugainai Boku wa Sora wo Mita,” based on a 2010 novel by Kubo Misumi that won the 24th Yamamoto Shugoro Prize and ranked 2nd in the 2011 Honya Taisho behind “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de.”

The novel’s publisher, Shinchosha, reportedly received more than 30 adaptation offers. In the end, producer Sato Gen was able to secure the rights by bringing director Tanada Yuki (“Hyakuman-en to Nigamushi Onna,” “Oretachi ni Asu wa Naissu”) on board.

Tabata plays Anzu, a housewife being pressured to have a child by her mother-in-law and being forced to undergo fertility treatment. Through her hobby of anime and cosplay, she meets Takumi (Nagayama), and their encounter turns into a love affair. The story follows their complicated and painful relationship, including Anzu dealing with pregnancy and childbirth.

The cast includes Kubota Masataka, Miura Takahiro, and Harada Mieko.

“Fugainai Boku wa Sora wo Mita” will open in fall 2012.

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