Kamiki Ryunosuke stars in movie “Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo”


22-year-old author Asai Ryo’s novel “Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo,” which won the Shosetsu Subaru New Writers Award in 2009, is being adapted as a movie. Yoshida Daihachi (“Funuke Domo, Kanashimi no Ai wo Misero,” “Kuhio Taisa”) is directing, and Kamiki Ryunosuke (18) has been given the lead role.

The story takes place in a high school class where a hierarchy among the students has been established, consisting of an “upper” group that can interact freely and a “lower” group who are treated as nonexistent. One day, the hierarchy is upset when Kirishima, one of the class leaders, drops out of the volleyball club and crosses the “boundary” of the classroom, creating a ripple effect.

The original novel follows the effects of Kirishima’s disturbance and tells the story of various characters in different clubs. In the movie, the story is told from the perspective of two students named Maeda Ryoya (Kamiki) and Kikuchi Hiroki (Higashide Masahiro) who would normally never interact with each other.

Ryoya is part of the “lower” group, staying completely quiet in the classroom, but as part of the school’s film club, his fervent passion for movies is evident. Kikuchi, on the other hand, is a non-participating member of the baseball club. The two both become involved in a pair of incidents that happen at the same time.

Besides Kamiki and Higashide, the cast includes Hashimoto Ai (15) as a badminton club member and Ohgo Suzuka (18) as a wind ensemble member. Shimizu Kurumi (17), Matsuoka Mayu (16), Yamamoto Mizuki (20), Ochiai Motoki (21), and Taiga (18).

“Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo” opens in 2012.

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