Seto Koji teams up with Goriki Ayame in “Teen Court”


Last week, it was revealed that actress Goriki Ayame (19) will be starring in a new drama series titled “Teen Court ~10-dai Saiban~.” It is now known that the male lead will be played by D-BOYS and D☆DATE member Seto Koji (23).

Inspired by the concept of teen courts in the United States, the drama’s premise involves teen court being introduced to Japan on a trial basis. Goriki plays Misato, a high school student who serves as a prosecutor. Because of her curiosity, she re-investigates the cases she works on, looking into things that seem unusual to her as a high school girl, which lead her to uncovering the real truth behind each incident.

Seto will play the part of Saburo, another student who teams up with Misato in her investigations.

The series will premiere on NTV on January 10, the day before D☆DATE’s new single “Love Heaven” goes on sale.



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