Tokyo Jihen’s last concert to get live theater screenings in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore


Last month, rock band Tokyo Jihen announced that they will disband at the end of February, with a short, 6-concert final tour between February 14 and February 29. Today, it was revealed that their last concert, at Nippon Budokan on February 29, will be streamed live to 107 movie theaters in Japan, plus some in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Tokyo Jihen was formed by Shiina Ringo in 2004, and like Shiina’s solo career, the band is highly popular both in Japan and overseas. Tickets for the band’s final tour were all sold through lottery, but due to the high demand, it was decided that the last show would be streamed live in theaters nationwide and in Asia.

Theater tickets in Japan can be pre-reserved through Ticket Pia between February 11 and February 22. General ticket sales at the actual theaters will begin on February 25 (midnight of February 24). Ticket prices are listed at 3,500 yen.



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